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COFCO Group Ranks among the World's 500 Most Influential Brands of 2015 Release Time : 2015-12-21

On December 15, the World Brand Lab released in New York its World’s 500 Most Influential Brands of 2015. COFCO Group was listed for the first time and ranked 232nd. 

As China’s leading supplier of agro- and food products and services, COFCO Group is committed to building a fully-integrated value chain from farm to fork. It is growing to become a leading international grain trader by leveraging its integrated global business positioning and supply chain system upon the completion of its major international acquisitions of Nidera and Noble Agri.

COFCO Group has always been pushing for its brand building. In line with its “fully-integrated value chain” strategy, it systematically plans and builds its corporate brands and communicates its philosophy of “premium products off fully-integrated value chain”. After several years of continuous efforts, COFCO’s brand influence and reputation have increased significantly, ranking among Fortune Global 500 companies for 22 successive years. The influence of its brands including Mengniu, Fortune, Great Wall, Leconte, Xiangxue, Wugudaochang, Lohas, Womai, and Joy City has become increasingly prominent.

The list of World’s 500 Most Influential Brands, which has been released for twelve successive years, measures the global influence of brands, judging by the brand’s ability to open up the market and take market share as well as its profitability. The World Brand Lab investigated and analyzed 8,000 world famous brands by grading them in accordance with three key indicators of brand influence: market share, brand loyalty and global leadership before finally releasing the World’s 500 Most Influential Brands.

The enterprises listed in the World’s 500 Most Influential Brands of 2015 are from 27 countries. Google, Apple and Amazon ranked the top three. A total of 31 brands from mainland China made it to the list, including famous brands such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), State Grid, CCTV, Lenovo, Haier, China Mobile, Tencent and Moutai.

As a leading brand consultancy, research and assessment institution in the world and chaired by 1999 Nobel Prize-winning economist and professor Robert Mundell, the World Brand Lab is the wholly-owned subsidiary of World Executive Group(iCEO.com), specializing in brand assessment, brand strategy, brand naming, brand design, and brand protection. Its experts and advisors are from the world’s first-class universities such as Harvard University, Yale University, MIT, Oxford University, and Cambridge University. The results of its research have become an important basis for evaluating intangible assets in enterprise mergers and acquisitions.

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