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COFCO Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China Shipping Release Time : 2015-08-17

On June 8, COFCO Group and China Shipping signed a strategic cooperation agreement at COFCO Fortune Plaza. Frank Ning, Chairman of COFCO Group, and Mr. Xu Lirong, Chairman of China Shipping attended the signing ceremony. Mr. Ma Wangjun, COFCO Group Chief Accountant, and Mr. Huang Xiaowen, deputy general manager of China Shipping, signed the agreement on behalf of their respective companies.

Under the agreement, both parties will establish strategic cooperative relationships in multiple fields including container shipping, bulk cargo shipping, logistics, domestic and overseas network of commercial establishments, and wharf so as to coordinate the allocation of resources, expand emerging markets, achieve win-win outcomes and seek common development.

As a shipping conglomerate with transnational, trans-sector and trans-regional businesses, China Shipping owns and operates over 500 modern merchant ships with a total tonnage of over 30 million tons and over 600,000 slots for standard containers. Its ocean shipping routes and range of businesses cover over 100 countries and regions in the world. COFCO Group and China Shipping have always enjoyed sound cooperative relations in many aspects including agricultural products and food transportation.

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