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A Portfolio of COFCO Brands are Ranked in Internationally Authoritative Brand Value Lists Release Time : 2014-03-31

SASAC circulated the notice about SOEs which were ranked in the internationally authoritative brand value lists in 2013. This was meant to encourage SOEs to make more efforts in building self-owned brands, increasing brand value, enhancing brand effect and developing world-known brands and world-class competitiveness. According to the notice, a portfolio of COFCO brands including Mengniu, Fortune and Great Wall were recognized as the most valuable Chinese brands by Interbrand and Millward Brown both of which were the internationally authoritative brand evaluation institutions.

Mengniu was ranked in the lists for the fourth consecutive year for its market share, R&D, social responsibility, capacities in innovation and sustainability and the net output. It had been rebuilding its brand image since 2012 by developing the international market, carrying out stricter raw material policy, integrating control in food safety of the value chain, optimizing the brand and category portfolio, mobilizing brand resources, strengthening capacities relevant to the market and making innovation in the system. Its brand value increased by 30% in 2013 compared to the year before. Its BVA was far higher than the average level of the industry.

Fortune was ranked in the lists for its brand value of USD 450 million, a 14% increase compared to the year before. It bought its advantages in the integrated business model into play to steer operation, marketing and R&D. It was the designated supplier to China’s space exploration cause, the Chinese Olympic Committee and the China Sports Delegation, which enhanced its brand image and influence greatly.

Great Wall was ranked in the lists for its brand value of USD 140 million. It was its first time. Great Wall had been devoted to promoting the wine culture and offering Chinese customers first-class products in the last ten years. As the leader of China’s wine industry, it not only had a large market share at home but also was an international player for its competitiveness developed based on global resources. It had won 92 prizes in total in international wine competitions until now. The record had never been broken in China.

COFCO Corporation had never stopped on brand development. It adopted the integrated business model to plan and build the brand portfolio systematically. The years of endeavor witnessed its brand influence and awareness increasing remarkably, including Mengniu, Fortune, Great Wall, Le Conte, Xiangxue, Cereal Way, Lohas, www.womai.com and Joy City. COFCO was among the Global 500 for 20 years in a row.

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