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COFCO Meat Signed Cooperation Agreement with Guangyuan Government Release Time : 2012-04-06

COFCO Meat Development Co., Ltd. signed the cooperation agreement with Guangyuan Government, Sichuan Province, for developing the livestock and poultry industrialization project.

According to the agreement, COFCO Meat would invest RMB 3.5 billion in Jian'ge County of Guangyuan City to develop chicken and pig projects. The chicken project would have the capacity of 60 million chicken on the whole value chain basis. The pig project would focus on building pig farms. There were also supporting projects to develop on the whole value chain basis.

Sichuan Province had increasing prominence in emergence of Mid-Western Regions. It was attracting more and more investment. COFCO Corporation would take this opportunity to drive its growth on the whole value chain basis.

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