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COFCO Officially Entered Wu Gu Dao Chang Release Time : 2012-03-20

February 26 2009 is a day of special meaning. On Chinese lunar calendar, the day is when Chinese dragon ups its head for a new start. Right on the same day, Beijing Wu Gu Dao Chang re-opened after one year’s halt to welcome its new shareholder, COFCO.

On the ceremony, Mr. Qu Zhe, COFCO Assistant President, said COFCO would continue the concept of non-oil-boiled and healthier products, and will provide Chinese customers with more healthy instant food to develop this local brand.

“Despite ups and downs, Wu Gu Dao Chang as a local brand has strong market influence. Its pursuit of health and nature is what COFCO is devoted to. We hope Wu Gu Dao Chang will restart production in a near future and present its products to customers very soon,” said Mr. Qu.

After a marketized reshuffling, COFCO once again select a marketized way to recruit professional managers. The new management team showed up for the first time on the ceremony, led by Mr. Song Guoliang, a founder of Master Kong, former President of Baixiang Instant Noodle and former Sales Director of Hua Feng Instant Noodle, who is very confident in the new job.

As COFCO’s seed in instant food industry, Wu Gu Dao Chang will offer the market more healthier, nutritious quality and creative products, aiming to win customers’ re-recognition and gradually develop the company into the leader of the industry.

Mr. Qu said COFCO’s objective is to be a complete-chain food company in order to monitor and manage each link on the chain therefore to solve food safety problems that’s concerned by the majority of customers. COFCO is one of the key instant noodle raw material suppliers in China. The restructuring leads the group into instant food industry and extends its industrial chain.

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